Holiday Checklist

Just as the page is named, this is a holiday checklist of miscellaneous things in no particular order to help you as you get ready to come on holiday!

  1. Don't worry about packing loads of food and filling up all the space in the car. Why not order on-line - TESCO, SAINSBURY and ASDA all deliver to the cottages! Tesco's is probably the most frequent, just enter which cottage and our address and postcode DL12 0AY. Book your slot Friday night or when is convenient and its all done :-)
  2. Feed BARF?? No worries, we have a chest freezer in an Outhouse, just please inform us beforehand as we also sell our own home grown mutton so may need to make a bit of space depending on the time of the year.
  3. We provide all bedding - sheets, pillows, pillowcases, duvets etc. We also provide a throw for the settee but please bring Dog bedding.
  4. We provide all human towels and tea towels, but if you can bring dog towels that is great.
  5. We have a washing machine and tumble dryer in the outhouse. Please don't bring a week of dirty washing beforehand but if things get wet or muddy or you just need a quick laundry batch please help yourself, we offer the facilities on an honesty box basis.
  6. If you have small dogs don't worry, we have wood ready to put against the bottom of the gates when you have closed them.
  7. We provide dog tags with our numbers on but for peace of mind please ensure your dogs are micro-chipped and the details up to date.
  8. Please arrive anytime from 4pm on the Friday, we ask you to ring us when you are about 45 mins away so we can be here to greet you.
  9. We have a selection of dog crates if your car is jam packed full and you need to borrow one but please bring a bed to go inside.
  10. We'd recommend you bring wellies, walking boots and trainers. Also waterproof trousers are always a safe bet.
  11. If you fancy visiting a non dog friendly site or wish to go for a full days hike but all the dogs can't manage, don't forget to arrange dog sitting/walking/checks through our friend Woofsteps (see Dog Sitting page).
  12. Don't forget any medication your dogs need but FYI we are very close to HyperDrug so you might want to visit and do a shop whilst you are here.