The Bainbridge's

Laverock Hall and the Holiday Cottages are owned by Marcus and Mandy Bainbridge.

Marcus has farmed all his life and enjoys sheepdogs and photography as a hobby, Mandy enjoys creative arts and competing with her dogs in Agility and runs at Grade 7 (top level).

On the farm we have over 150 sheep (some rarer breeds including Swaledale, Texel, Welsh Black and Herdwick), 5 pet lambs, 2 goats, 2 Skewbald Horses, usually around 10 dogs (a mix of Rescue, Foster and Home bred), 14 free range (ex battery) hens, 18 free range Geese and ever escaping runner ducks. We occasionally breed a litter of Border Collies which go on to compete in Sheepdog Trialling, Agility or Obedience. We also run "Animal Crew" a company who supply dogs and animals for TV work, our most well known job being to provide a huge variety of animals for ITV's Victoria.

The farm cover 50 acres ‘in bye’ (around the farmhouse), as well as renting ‘stints’ (rights) on the 6000 acre fell behind the farm for another 170 sheep and lambs. And boasts a 120 foot indoor Agility Building for hire complete with a full set of equipment.